Strawberry Shortcakes are back!

We are so happy to have our World Famous Strawberry Shortcake ready for you everyday from 9am to 6pm. These past few cold nights have made the berries even sweeter. They look and smell so good.

You can stop by the market and load up on berries, strawberry cookies, strawberry bread and of course, our famous strawberry shortcakes. Whether you like it with ice cream and/or whip cream, our staff will make sure to get it just the way you like it.


 1) Strawberry Shortcake with non-dairy topping $4.50

2) Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $5.00

3) Sundae Boat – ice cream, berries, non-dairy topping $4.50

4) A Big Bowl of Sweetened Berries Loads of non-dairy topping $4.25

5) Strawberry Milkshake $2.75

6) Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $2.75

7) Cake No Berries – cake, ice cream, non-dairy topping $3.00

8) No-Sugar Berries- A bowl of unsweetened berries with a load of non-dairy topping $4.25 

9) Cake No Sugar Berries – unsweetened berries, sugar in the cake and non-dairy topping $4.50 

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