Fall Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Fall decorating has got to be the most fun. Well, almost as fun as decorating for Christmas. We’ve received a lot of new fall decorating items which I thought you’d like to see. First, we have these small planters filled with either green foliage or Tillandsia. Both are super easy indoor plants that require minimal water and care. Starting at $2.99, these planters make for cute small gifts.fall halloween planters

Next, we have our collection of Sassafras Switch Mats. Have you seen these in our garden area? You need to buy the floor mat, then you can switch out the insert for all the seasons. They are super cute, fun, bright and durable. The mats are $9.99 and the inserts are $7.99. We have a large variety of insert mats including Halloween, Patriotic and other fun themes.

floor mat fall decoration

We also have the Sassafras Natural Coconut Coir Mats. These mats are made from coconut husk fibers which makes them perfect for catching dirt. Not only are they useful, they are super cute! The plastic mats are $19.99 and the inserts are $9.99.

natural coco coir mats Sassafras floor

And finally, nothing says fall more than Crotons. These hardy tropical plants are the epitome of fall foliage. With bright yellow, red and orange hues, these beautiful plants will brighten up any corner in your yard.

Drop me a line below and let me know what’s your favorite fall decoration. I’m curious to see how you decorate your home and garden. Till next time!

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Bare Root Strawberry Plants for Sale now

Bare root strawberry plants available

Every October the farm gets ready for the upcoming Strawberry Season. After a long, hot summer, the fields are prepped for our favorite crop: strawberries.

Our strawberry bare root plants are a short-day (winter months) plant variety adapted for west-central Florida growers. Growers should plan on watering daily for first 10-12 days. Other than the watering, when planting bare root plants you need to make sure not to “bury” the crown. It’s the little “nodule” type thing holding the branches before the roots. This part has to stay above ground level in order for the plant to survive. Yes, the leaves will die out after planting. This allows the plant to grow the root system, which in turn allows the plant to grow new leaves.

Bare root plants are sold in bunches of 25 plants for $7.49. Get yours today before they are all gone! To reserve yours, give us a call at 813-752-0502.

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Conk peas and Black-eyed peas available now!

Our farm-fresh conk peas and black-eyed peas are available now! The recent rain had put us behind schedule, but now our peas can be found at the market Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

If you are looking for conk or blackeyed peas, we have both already shelled in five pound bags (1/2 bushel) for $18.99.  Our peas are picked and shelled daily, so you’ll be sure to get the freshest peas available in town.

Our conk and blackeyed peas are hand selected and shelled daily for maximum freshness. If you are looking to purchase more than three bags at a time, we ask that you please give us a call at 813-752-0502 so we can have them ready for you when you come in. We have plenty, we just want them to be the freshest they can be.


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