Strawberry Onions Ready to Ship

Strawberry onions are back in stock and ready to ship! If you’ve never had Strawberry Onions before keep reading. Those of you who’ve had them, know that these onions are delicious.

Strawberry onions are grown alongside our strawberry fields. They get the same care and attention as our strawberries do. These strawberry onions are famously sweet just like our berries.

fresh strawberry onions

I have to tell you about the first time I cooked with one. I was skeptical. You see, I always used Spanish or Red onions. These strawberry onions were new to me. They look like gigantic green onions. And they are mouth-watering.

But I have to ask you. Do your eyes water at the sight of cutting an onion? As soon as I start cutting into a Spanish or Red Onion, I have to get a napkin to wipe my eyes. However, when cutting into a Strawberry Onion, there are no tears! I couldn’t believe it. I can happily cut and cook the strawberry onion without shedding one tear!

A couple of years ago we started packaging and shipping our onions to the northeast and southeastern states. We ship them in packages of approximately 10-12 onions or our large package of 20-22 onions. The strawberry onions are shipped directly to your home through UPS ground or Fedex for maximum freshness. To place your order, visit our website

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8 Responses to Strawberry Onions Ready to Ship

  1. Penny R Jent says:

    How can you store and keep the Strawberry Onions without freezing them for quite a while

  2. Larry Cooper says:

    How long are strawberry onions available in the summer

  3. William Sean Burke says:

    I’m looking for Strawberry onions to ship to Michigan. Need information.

  4. Bobby Plummer says:

    I would like to order some of the Strawberry Onions. Please advise how to order.

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