Planting Florida Brilliance Bare Root Strawberry Plants

The farm has been busy planting Florida Brilliance bare root plants on our fields. We finally have some at the market for sale. You can purchase a bunch of 25 bare root strawberry plants for $6.25.

These bare root plants are ready for planting. Florida Brilliance are known for their conical shape and glossiness.

Florida Brilliance strawberries are a short-day (winter months) plant variety adapted for west-central Florida growers. Growers should plan on watering daily for first 10-12 days. Other than the watering, when planting bare root plants you need to make sure not to “bury” the crown. It’s the little “nodule” type thing holding the branches before the roots. This part has to stay above ground level in order for the plant to survive. Yes, the leaves will die out after planting. This allows the plant to grow the root system, which in turn allows the plant to grow new leaves.

Bare root plants are sold in bunches of 25 plants for $6.25. Get yours today before they are all gone! To reserve yours, give us a call at 813-752-0502.

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11 Responses to Planting Florida Brilliance Bare Root Strawberry Plants

  1. I would like to purchase one bunch of the Fl. Brilliance strawberries. It is for an educational farm in South Florida; we have a snacking garden, and this year want to include strawberries.
    Will you ship?

    Thank you

    Gabriele Fiorentino
    305 775 2747

  2. William Kimrey says:

    I would like to buy 100
    Brilliance plants. Do you ship?

  3. Michael Meagher says:

    Please notify me when the Florida Brilliance are ready for purchase this fall.

  4. Sandy Watson says:

    I would like to purchase 100 bare root “Florida Brilliance” plants. Do you plan to have availability, and has the price changed?

  5. Melitta Luciano says:

    I would like to buy bare root strawberries , do you have different varieties

  6. Chad says:

    I keep calling the number and the message says “we hope you have a great summer” then a message saying that this extension has voicemail disabled – then hung up on. Is there a number to call to verify availability of strawberry roots?

    • Xiomara says:

      Hey…sorry we missed your call. We typically have bare root strawberry plants in October. If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be notified via email for availability.

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