Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Mom

Mother’s day is coming up and amidst the current Coronavirus situation, it might be a different type of celebration. Social distancing rules and restaurant closures will force the party to stay home. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed a home cooked brunch: pancakes or waffles, bacon (of course), crips and flaky croissants, fresh fruit and true bottomless Mimosas ;). But I digress, this post is not about my favorite way to enjoy Mother’s day breakfast/brunch. This post is about the best gifts for mom.

Parkesdale Mug, Pinkyup tea gift set

PinkyUp Tea Bundle

PinkyUp Tea is all about a guilt-free indulgence providing great flavor and no calories.

$29.99 (including shipping)

Parkesdale Cookie Basket

Parkesdale Cookie Basket

Treat Mom to the all-time favorite Parkesdale products: Strawberry preserves, strawberry cookies and strawberry bread.

$39.99 (including shipping)

succulent, cacti and mister bottle

Succulent Gift Box

This set of succulent, cactus and water mister will liven up anyone’s working space, window sill, patio or porch.

$29.99 (including shipping)

Door mat insert

Sassafras Switch Mats

These mats are a fun and colorful way to display your personal style.


Parkesdale Market Gift Certificate

This gift certificate will allow mom to choose her favorite Parkesdale items.


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