February Training Recap and Xtrain Cathe DVD review

Another month done in preparation for Athleta Iron Girl’s half marathon in April.  February started with big plans of multiple running days and completion of the Nike+ training xbox video game.  As the month went on, I kept on my Nike+ strength training, but my plans of running 3 times a week did not happen.  I was able to run once a week for 4 miles, until the last week in February I finally made it running twice.  Yay to determination!

nike+ running

Running completed in February

I ended up making it to the YMCA to run hill intervals on their treadmills.  I figured if I’m going to run on the bridges to Clearwater beach, some hill running training will be necessary.  In addition, I was finally able to run longer than 4 miles.  and finished a 6 mile run with an average 10 minute pace!  I was pretty happy for the accomplishment and I’m definitively ready to increase my miles in March.

Woohoo! 4 weeks completed on Nike+ Training

Woohoo! 4 weeks completed on Nike+ Training

February was also special because I completed my first 4-week program on the Nike+ training xbox video game.  I was able to complete two workouts per week.  Shocking!  I found myself really looking forward to these workout sessions because it is so much like playing a game.

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Nike+ Training Fitness Test

At the end of the program, there was a fitness test to measure improvements in Athleticism and Fitness level.  I somehow managed to lower my fitness level by a few points, but I increased my athleticism by another few points.  Oh well.  No worries.  I enjoyed it very much and am still pretty proud of the results.

Cathe XTrain DVD

Cathe XTrain DVD

During February I also received a copy of Cathe’s Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT DVD through the FitFluential Ambassador program.  The DVD includes three workout sections: interval training, step work out and gliding disc.

Bonus Core Session

Bonus Core Session

In addition, the DVD also includes three bonus sessions: core, shoulders and chest.  I completed the interval training and was covered in sweat.  While the exercises were low impact, they definitively got my blood pumping.  Cathe’s energy was contagious and I appreciated her instructions on good form.  The music in the videos was current, almost club-like music.  Another plus for me.  I enjoyed the core bonus session the most.  I feel as a runner, it is important to work out your core and this 10 minute session did it for me.  I plan on continuing to use this core workout as part of my March 1/2 marathon training plan.  It was that good.

Disclosure: I received one Cathe’s Xtrain DVD for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC.

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2 Responses to February Training Recap and Xtrain Cathe DVD review

  1. Nice job on picking it up this week. Doing bridges and hills is really helpful mentally for the Irongirl race. It’s nice to know that you’ve seen them before when they come creeping up at you. And I really want to try the Cathe low impact interval training. It sounds like it would be great running XT! And I don’t think I understand the difference between athleticism and fitness levels. I just finished my Nike Training Club app workout and loved it!!

    • Xiomara says:

      Thank you! The athleticism and fitness level is part of the Nike Fuel Print. I really can’t find any explanation for either one anywhere. I was just glad I scored above average. 🙂

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