Best Plants for Florida Gardens

Thinking of redoing your landscaping? Are you new to Florida or just not sure what to plant? We are here to help! Our greenhouse is full of Florida Friendly Plants for your landscaping needs. While we have a large variety of annual plants, we also offer great perennials perfect for our hot, humid and sometimes cold climate.

Hawaiian Ti or Red Sister

Hawaiian Ti or Red Sister loves sun to partial shade.

Let’s start with the perennial Hawaiian Ti plant or Red Sister, formally known as Cordyline. This non-Florida native works great in your garden because as a native Hawaiian plant, it can tolerate our hot, humid summers. They can tolerate some cold, but not too much below 30o F for too long of a time. If you are planning on taking Hawaiian Ti plant back up north, make sure to keep it indoors in the winter months by providing a sunny window spot.

Lavender Lavandula plant

Lavender is a great Florida perennial.

I dare you to walk by these plants and not smell the beautiful scent of Lavender, formally known as Lavendula. Boasting with silver-gray foliage, Lavender does great in the Florida garden as a perennial. Loving our Florida sun and attracting butterflies to your garden makes this a very special plant. Lavender can tolerate cold to about 32o F.


Snapdragons are perfect annuals for your garden bed.

Snapdragons remind me of Easter. Their beautiful bright yellow and pink hues are look so happy and cheery. Snapdragons are grown as annuals. These cold hardy plants are perfect for our sometimes unpredictable winter months. When planting these, make sure to water them at least twice weekly and remove old blooms to get new blooms.

I hope this helps you select some plants for your next landscaping project. If you have questions, leave a comment below or come see me at the market. I’ll be glad to help you look around!

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