What’s next?

Three weeks ago I completed the Dunedin Triathlon on June 10th.  The week immediately after the triathlon I took a break from all running/spinning/swimming activities.  Sorta wanted to recharge the batteries and figure out what to do next.  The following Sunday, I joined some runners from the YMCA in Plant City at the entrance of Walden Lake.  They meet every Sunday at 6 am and usually run 5-6 miles.  Anyone is welcome.   It’s a very diverse group of all ages and all speeds.

Then there was Debbie Downer Tropical Storm Debbie, the storm that would not leave.  During those days, I had to give in to the dreadmill treadmill at the YMCA.  Luckily, their equipment is very nice.  Some of the treadmills even have tv screens attached to them.  Reruns of Will and Grace?  Don’t mind if I do!

I even made it to a spinning class with John this past Friday at the Y.  And boy was it good.  I left there drenched and energized.  If you haven’t tried a spinning class, I recommend you do.  Two great things about it: 1) you can go at your own speed and 2)the music.  The instructors will tell you, this is “your” class.  You can make it tougher or take a break whenever you like.  John always jokes that we just go to his class for the music.  Truth is, whether the instructors are playing 80s Rock music or today’s party music, the music is very engaging.  It will keep you going!

I’m not really sure what event to complete next.  There are some great races coming up like the 33rd Annual Kiwanis Morton Plant Mease Midnight Run in Dunedin.    As the name implies, the 10K race begins at 12:15 am and with my work schedule this is actually doable because the market is closed on July 4th.  Two years ago my running goals included finishing a 10K race.  This was a great race to do for my first 10K.  The Dunedin Kiwanis really know how to organize an event and make it enjoyable for every one involved.  I’m still pondering whether to run it again this year or not.  My longest run as of late has been 5 miles, so surely I should be able to complete one more mile!




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