Succulent Terrarium DIY Workshop June 9th

Are you in love with the current succulent trend? But don’t know how or what to do? No worries. We are here for you.  We’ve jumped on the bandwagon too and hosted a Succulent Terrarium DIY Workshop last month in our greenhouse. It was so much fun! You can join our next event June 9th.

Succulent Terrarium DIY Event

With our large selection of succulent and cacti plants, the group had a blast creating their very own glass jar succulent terrarium. We provided the glass jars, stones, dirt, moss and plants for their beautiful creations.


Throughout the event, people mingled, enjoyed free refreshments and discussed their love for succulents. A succulent plant care guide was provided to all attendees free of charge.

Succulent Terrarium DIY Workshop Event

Our next Succulent Terrarium DIY event will be Saturday, June 9th starting at 10 am. Plan on spending about an hour to put together your very own succulent terrarium. We are offering two choices this time: large glass cloche bell jar and a medium glass cloche bell jar. Fill it up with any choice of our beautiful succulents. Make your magic. You are the director on this creation. We provide the supplies. You provide the imagination.

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