Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies Debut at Central Florida Bloggers Conference

One of the benefits of working at the market, is being able to promote not just Parkesdale, but Plant City.  This past weekend was just that.  On Saturday, I travelled with the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers to Orlando to attend the Central Florida Bloggers Conference at the Orlando Science Center.  By the way, if you have not been to the Orlando Science Center and you have young children, I urge you to go now!  It was a great experience.  So much, that I wish I had brought my girls with me.

Dino Room at the Orlando Science Center.

Ok, back to the point of this post.  Travelling in a car filled with our Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies all the way to Orlando was a bit of a challenge.  Making sure the trays didn’t tip over was our #1 priority.  Getting to the Orlando Science Center was a bit of a task because there was a Heart Walk going on while we were trying to park.  However, the Orlando police were very helpful in guiding us in the right direction to the unloading docks.  Also, the Orlando Science Center event planners were extremely helpful with unloading the precious cargo: 600 strawberry cookies, bushels of apples and bananas.  Thank you!


Parkesdale Famous Strawberry Cookies

Once we got the table all set up, thank you Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers, it was time to split up and attend the conference sessions.  One of the great things about this conference is the way it was targeted to both bloggers, media and business owners.  There were great topics presented whether you represented a brand or you were trying to become a brand.   The Keynote Speech was presented by Lou Mongello, an expert on Walt Disney World.  His main point was “Be everywhere, Be consistent, Be connected, Be authentic, Be yourself”.  This was reiterated through the day.  I also listened to Rachelle Lucas presentation on Twitter, who also spoke of the importance of being genuine, friendly, resourceful, consistent and efficient.  These are just two of the speakers who I knew nothing about prior to attending this conference.

To say the event was a success it’s an understatement.  The level of organization, the quality of speakers and variety of topics surpassed any expectation I had set for myself.  As a Parkesdale representative, I was very happy to have chosen this event to promote not only our business but our community.  To me, reaching out to the Orlando community is like calling on our next door neighbor.  We are so close that we might as well help each other out.  The level of gratitude and excitement over our Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies was a bit overwhelming.  Who knew those chewy strawberry sugary bites covered in powdered sugar would win over such a diverse crowd!  By the way, starting in November, we’ll be able to ship our Strawberry Cookies anywhere in the US.  They make great Christmas presents…hint hint. 🙂

Have you tried our Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies?

When was the last time you visited Plant City?


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11 Responses to Parkesdale Strawberry Cookies Debut at Central Florida Bloggers Conference

  1. JulieD says:

    It was so great to finally meet you, Xiomara!! Thanks for having Parkesdale be a sponsor this year! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Nanci says:

    Great post! So glad it was a success for you. The cookies were great!

  3. The strawberry cookies were an amazing hit! Everyone was talking, tweeting and instagramming about them. I smuggled quite a few home in my swag bag and the kids LOVED them (of course). It was a great day and I’m so happy I got to spend it with you, the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers, and such a wonderful Florida blogging community.

  4. Kat says:

    Those cookies have magical powers! 😉

  5. Cory says:

    You can purchase the cookies and more at the market website!

  6. Hey Z!!!! I didn’t get to go, but so nice to see your post! I jumped right over here from your FB post! PS I think we should plan another meet-up at Parksdale sometime soon! 😉

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