Parkesdale Farm Market Joins Tampa Races

As some of you may know, so far this year I’ve participated in a triathlon, a 10k and a 15k.  My fitness goals for this year included completing a triathlon and possibly running my first ½ Marathon.  After running the 15k, I felt very confident I could do a ½ Marathon.

Originally, there were two events I was looking at for my first ½ Marathon: Blue Moon and Women’s St. Pete.  After reading Heidi’s post about the Xterra trail runs series, I remembered how much I enjoyed riding my mountain bike at Oleta State Park and Quiet Waters Park in South Florida.  While searching online, I found the Tampa Races website. As luck would have it, the  Xterra Wildhorse Race is scheduled for the same day as the Blue Moon 1/2 Marathon.  Aside from my love of mountain biking in trails, what makes this Event even better, is that it is literally in my backyard.  I’ve driven by Sydney Dover Park so many times and have yet to venture there.


I contacted the race organizers about a sponsorship and even though it was so late they were willing to include us as a Sponsor.  We of course bribed them with our goodies, so how can you blame them!  Did I tell you we were bringing our Famous Strawberry Bread?  That may or may not have been the deciding factor. 🙂  The race organizers are very proud of their post race festivities which include a pancake breakfast, DJ, and giveaways.  To sweeten the deal, we promised to bring our Parkesdale Strawberry Syrup made with local Plant City strawberries!

At this time, I have not decided which distance to run.  It will either be a 10M or the ½ Marathon.  I’m really leaning towards the 1/2 marathon.  Registration closes on November 1st, but there will be Race Day Registration available at the race on November 4th.  For more information on this event, please check out the organizer’s website.


Have you ever participated in a trail run?

What’s your favorite distance to run?

Have you tried our Strawberry Bread or Strawberry Syrup?

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