Gardening: Gaillardia, Gazania and Pentas

To my surprise the annual greenhouse is packed full today!  We just got a shipment from one of our local nurseries.  There are plenty of flowering plants for your garden beds.

We’ll start with the Gaillardia Daisy or blanket flower.  The beautiful combination of orange and yellow petals reminds me of sunflowers.  The Gaillardia Daisy will grow up to 2 inches in height and can spread up to 3 feet in width.  They are sun loving so they’ll be just fine in our high summer temperatures.  For more info, check out the University of Florida IFAS Extension.


The Gazania Daisy or treasure flower is also a sun loving plant.  There’s yellow, white, purple and orange varieties so they’ll make wonderful color displays in your garden.    The Gazania Daisy is an annual, perfect for zones 8b-11.  Typically Gazanias are annuals, but can live 18 months or more if no freezing occurs. (Source)


Another great sun-loving plant is the Penta.  If you are looking for beautiful butterflies to come to your garden, then you must plant some Pentas.  Pentas are sun loving, but will do okay in part shade.  Just remember, the more sun they get, the more blooms they’ll produce.  Pentas are perennials (in zones 8-10) so they’ll keep flowering for years to come.

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