Bare root strawberry plants available now!

It’s that time of the year where you can spot workers and sprinklers on every field in Plant City. You know it’s October because every field you go by has been neatly prepared into symmetrical, never ending rows of black plastic. As the weeks go by, the rows get dotted with green and the sprinkles not only provide water, but hundreds of mini rainbows throughout the fields.

bare root strawberry plants

Every year, Bobby brings us bare root plants to sell at the market. Just like last year, we are growing Radiance berries. These berries, if you remember, were larger and sweet as ever.  If you are looking to grow your own strawberries this season, stop by the market today and pick some up. They are sold in bunches of 25 and yes, we add instructions for you on how to plant them. 😉 Just make sure you come by soon because they are only available for a short amount of time!

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2 Responses to Bare root strawberry plants available now!

  1. Bob Brashears says:

    pu hae any bareroot plants now…April 8?

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