An orchid love affair.

Working at Parkesdale Market, you really can’t miss the seasons.  Even though at times Florida seems to just have one: Summer.  Valentine’s Day comes around and everyone wants Red Roses.  During Easter, the market is flooded with all types of bulbs. From Hyacinths to Calla Lilly, you name it, we probably have it!  Can’t forget Christmas, the Poinsettias take over and the greenhouses are filled with multiple shades of red, white and pink.  But all year long, there is the still one.  She taunts me…

Simple and magnificent.  Beautiful and scary.  I would often walk by them and just turn around, only because I would be afraid of “killing them”.  But you can only walk by them so many times before you give into their allure.  So, every year I would bring a few home in the hopes that they would survive.  And every year, I would be sadly disappointed with my results.  You see, my house is pretty bright, so I was keeping them by a window.  I thought they were getting enough sun and water…apparently not.  So, last year when they finished blooming I moved them outside under our tree.

Just last week, as I was rushing to get the girls to school and myself to work, I noticed some of the blooms had opened up!  Finally.  It seems like I’ve waited an eternity, because I’ve forgotten what color the orchids were, but really it was just a few months.  The simple, magnificent, beautiful and no longer scary orchids were greeting me!

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